Lucky Sloths NFT is a woman-led collection of 2,700 hand drawn Sloths residing on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Don't worry, you can still find Lucky Sloths on OpenSea!

Each Lucky Sloth is Unique!

With thousands of variations of hand drawn traits, we know there was a Lucky Sloth born just for you! Now you just have to find them.

Super Rare!

With only 2700 Lucky Sloths in the wild it means each and every one is special. There are Rainbow Sloths, Unicorns and so much more. Watch out for Zombie and Cyborg Sloths, oh my! 

Lucky Fragments

Becoming a Lucky Sloth owner enables you to earn Lucky Fragments, our off-chain utility currency. We are the first NFT collection to implement this kind of utility through Twitter's platform. You can earn them in multiple ways, join our server to learn more and be part of our wholesome community!

Official Lucky Sloth Merch

Check out the official Lucky Sloths NFT merchandise shop. Wear the power of the snuggle!  

Premium Smart-Art-Prints

This is one of the items you can acquire with Lucky Fragments, a Premium Smart-Art-Print of one of your Sloths! Learn more in our Discord! It's compatible with most phones; you can see the complete list here.


Our Mission

Lucky Sloths NFT was created by our artist and leader Iris. The Lucky Sloth art lends itself perfectly to become a popular and instantly recognisable global brand that fills people's hearts with cuteness and good vibes. We are a verified collection on OpenSea committed to having a positive impact helping Sloths and their habitats. We want to bring awareness to the devastating effect of forest fires, especially around the Amazon Rainforest region where Sloths and other animals are sadly affected. Making a difference on problems of such large scale is of course really challenging, but we are determined to do our part and always advocate for the protection of wildlife and nature. We’ve set a roadmap towards those goals, and everyone in the Lucky Sloth NFT community will have the chance be part of this grand effort. 

Helping Sloths

Our goal is to help as many Sloths as possible, to protect wildlife habitat and our planet, which is ultimately in our own best interest as well. Animal rights issues can be considered a high priority, as there are 100+ billion domesticated animals and even more wild animals who receive even less of our moral concern. Only 3% of philanthropic funding in the US is split between the environment and animals, while 97% goes toward helping humans. We are establishing ourselves in the NFT space to have the biggest impact we can. So if you love our cute, meme-able and relatable art, and at the same time want to be part of these important goals, definitely consider Lucky Sloths NFTs. We also have community-directed initiatives to help sloths based on Lucky Fragments, our off-chain currency through Discord, so definitely join our server to participate!

We wanted to make our NFT accessible for people from all walks of life, so we set our mint price at 0.01 ETH.

We have and will continue as our roadmap develops. Right now you can actively take part in one of our community efforts, so definitely join our Discord server!

Verified Lucky Sloth owners in our Discord can register to be able to gather our off-chain utility currency 'Lucky Fragments' in a gamified manner. There are also perks for owners on our Roadmap that are yet TBD :3

Verified Lucky Sloth owners can gather Lucky Fragments daily, by chatting in our Discord, playing with our bot, or engaging with @nft_luckysloths or @iris_luckysloth once you've registered through our server.

Sloth of the Month

This is a distinction for extraodinary Sloths to reward them for a kind deed, engagement on Twitter and/or Discord. We also account competitiveness on our Discord leaderboards for Lucky Fragments donations, server activity, and Twitter engagement. Sloths of the Month receives:

- 100 Lucky Fragments

- Animated Discord Sticker of their own Sloth

- A shiny Discord role

- A custom Twitter banner

- Being featured on this section of our website. 


February - 2022


March - 2022


April - 2022


May - 2022



Leader and Artist 
Creator of Lucky Sloths NFT. 
Wants to save Nature. 


Developer and Animator
 Planning and execution. 
Likes to space travel.