Lucky Sloths NFT is a woman-led collection of 2,700 hand drawn Sloths residing on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Don't worry, you can still find Lucky Sloths on OpenSea!

Each Lucky Sloth is Unique!

With thousands of variations of hand drawn traits, we know there was a Lucky Sloth born just for you! Now you just have to find them.

Super Rare!

With only 2700 Lucky Sloths in the wild it means each and every one is special. There are Rainbow Sloths, Unicorns and so much more. Watch out for Zombie and Cyborg Sloths, oh my! 

Organic Community

The community has been critical in the success of Lucky Sloths, we love you! In the future we plan to give back to both our community and beyond.

Roadmap V1.1

The Team


   Technical and Development support. 
Likes naps.


Leader, Artist. 
Founder & Creator of Lucky Sloths NFT. 
Wants to save Nature. 

Sloth Community

The Sloth community holds Lucky charms, and harbours genuine positive intentions #SlothSquad  


Community Manager 
Social media and engagement Sloth strategist. Funny Sloth.


Project Manager 
Handling execution of roadmap related Sloth efforts.  Your fren-dly Sloth.